The House Dress Comeback

  • By Loretta Lilly

Well…no…the house dress has not gone anywhere. This humble garment has truly stood the test of time. In the 1950s, its classic appeal was functional and often had pockets. The cotton print was easy to launder, which made hiding stains and repairs a cinch. But today, what would a dedicated line of house dresses look like especially since we are still living in some version of lockdown during this pandemic.

A good house dress is not constricting. It is forgiving or can be effortless chic. It allows you the freedom with ease as you go about your daily chores or just simply lounging around at home. Fashion designers have elevated many styles of this dress from caftans to floral maxis or midis in linen, soft modal, exciting prints, or plain hues.

These contemporary forms have made a resurgence on social media for experimental quarantine looks. After all, the summer is far too hot, so ditch the pants and opt for a cozy and complete outfit—the house dress.

Slipping into this striped shapeless dress helps you to feel Zoom-meeting-ready.







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