About Lilly


Lilly Designs . . . Timeless!

Loretta Lilly is a contemporary designer and artist who designs 'body conscious' styles that transform you to look your best through the busiest of days. Each piece accentuates the femininity of a woman without hiding her strength.

As a designer for the millennium, her signature styling will bring elegance to your professional, party, and casual clothing. You will love the embellishments on luxurious fabrics that create a distinctive look. Fabrics are chosen for functionality, and garments are cleverly developed for fit.

Though her designs are developed for long-term wear with quality and workmanship that is timeless, they evoke a classic and confident sophistication that is empowering and yet sensual. Her desire is to create eye-catching, exciting, and fashionable silhouettes that keep you coming back.

Our Mission

The mission of Lilly Designs Etcetera is to build an online boutique for women to creatively discover personal styles that uniquely inspire the 'look' outside of the fashion mainstream. We must continue to offer the most refined qualities and exceptional value.

Lilly Designs Collection

Lilly Designs Etcetera collection: bliss, drama, simplicity, and urban clothing lines are figure flattering. Every woman's body is different, as well as personal taste. Experiment and adapt as you see fit to develop a signature look. 

(Limited-edition pieces are designed exclusively for this site. Editions can be as small as three pieces, so visiting early and often is recommended.)


The bliss line is a high-end collection of unique designs hand-tailored and fashioned from beautiful textured fabrics, which creates an understated elegance and a distinctive look.


The drama line is expressly for the fearless and adventurous. Bold prints and bright colors are worn in a sleek and sophisticated way.


Wearing a single shade is a simpler, cleaner approach to adding depth and dimension to an outfit. The simplicity line is a monochromatic look creating long, unbroken lines that are slimming, chic and polished.


The urban line focuses on street wear styles that are edgy. This collection can be mixed and matched to reflect your personal lifestyle and attitude.