Do You See Colors?

  • By Loretta Lilly

There are various types of fabric used in garment manufacturing such as weaving, knitting, and felting. It is the raw material required to manufacture the garment. The type of textiles varies by the fibers, the fabric formation techniques, machinery used for producing them, and finishing techniques. The end-use produces beautiful clothing in different styles and beautiful colors. So, what is the fabric of this nation? Should we see color? It is a resounding YES! I see color in all its splendor and differences to be accepted.

Our country is yet experiencing broken religious and political systems. The battle against racism is not merely a fight against any group of people, government, system, or law for that matter. It is a fight against a cosmic power that is ′dark′, which corrupts people and works through the unjust laws, practices, and traditions that continues to be created. It is imperative to acknowledge the spiritual reality behind this evil and not to avert our eyes any longer to these forces as if they are relics of the past.

We are a diverse nation—of many colors—shaped by many cultures. Unless we look at the raw perspectives of racism, there will continue to be all types of prejudices that work together in our communities to fuel and maintain social inequality. Prejudice and discrimination are attitudes and resulting actions that cause people to be treated differently. Prejudice is based on ignorance, but many choose to remain ignorant because it makes them feel superior. A bad experience can cause a person to stereotype an entire group of people. We must realize that there will always be bad people among us no matter the color of the skin. For me and my house, we have chosen the cosmic power that is ′light′. I can purpose in my heart and teach my family to love all people and to learn how to discern the good and the bad. So, don′t be color blind, just practice acceptance—inclusivity. We are all facing the attack of two enemies: the invisible enemy—COVID-19 and the visible enemy—Racism. This climate is perfect for us to forge a new normal, so let us stitch a new garment that is one size to fit all of humanity.

Lilly Designs is committed to ending systemic racism and yes, BLACK LIVES MATTER.


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