What will the power styles look like post-pandemic?

  • By Loretta Lilly

We are in the middle of the year yet wearing face coverings. Trends will continue to evolve. There will be a demand for antibacterial fabrics, especially in activewear.

I suspect that we will return to minimalism—a simpler, cleaner aesthetic. Afterall, it is less trendy, it complements sustainability and it constitutes a timeless investment since we have less disposable income. Fashion will be curated through lightweight fabrics with easy care labels. As we begin venturing outdoors, our loungewear will need to elevate to leisurewear. Our classic staples will play a big part in dressing up or dressing down such as quality tees and unlined well-cut blazers.

Are you inspired with a laid back, effortless style? Provided that there is a mix of elegant and functional fabrics to create a relaxed silhouette, I am all for it. Comfort is key!

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