Styled Inside and Outside: What’s Your Go-To-Look

  • By Loretta Lilly

Adjusting to life within the confines of your home has not been easy, I know, but I've focused on making my space feel truly like me. I have decluttered a room to carve out a space for working out. I have compartmentalized small pieces in containers and found the finishing touches for my shelves to create space in my closets. All the candles that I've been hoarding are being put to good use to create a cozy ambience. Now to the wardrobe. How are you styled inside the house? Or since leaving the house is only for necessities, how are you styled outside the house? I know you may ask, "How do you consider something as seemingly trivial as fashion when faced with this scary reality." You still have to be present during these times. And besides, your thought on what to wear allows you to think categorically on what items are needed for comfort, for health, and for sanity.

All of us have worn out the sweatpants. For the last few months, the sweatpants were our first go-to-look for the 'comfort' category. The weather has changed. It is warmer. A flowy dress, an oversize light weight top, and drawstring linen pants are idea for comfortable clothes that can become the anchor of your wardrobe.

For the 'health' category, gearing up with a jogging outfit is perfect to dash out to the grocery store or an early morning brisk walk in your neighborhood park. This is key for mental and physical health to sift through your emotions and find some peace and to also get some fresh air at distance.

Like most of us, there is very little excitement and motivation to think about what you should wear. But you have to realize that this last category 'sanity' is the most important. When you choose a few fashion-y items, it lifts your spirit. It reminds you that you have to take care of yourself and find ways to nurture your creativity so that you won't focus on the negative instead.

I hope all of us will find comfort in the ritual of caring for ourselves and find some sense of ease and normalcy on the inside and outside.

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