Work From Home: A Glimpse Into Workwear

  • By Loretta Lilly

The aftershock of this pandemic will usher in a host of changes. But for now, those of you that are not used to working at home will be faced with new challenges. You will have to define your work schedule and stick to it. You will become more reliant on the use of technology to stay connected with people in a virtual world. Even down to what you should wear for your remote life. What are your thoughts on workwear essentials while at home? Are you thinking that you don′t have to get dressed for the new day? Mentally, it is best for your motivation to change out of the clothing that you slept in the night before for stamina and more productivity. After all, some of your teleconferences are not 'voice' only.

Just do not overthink your workwear. You might suffer from decision fatigue. Dress from the waist up! A minimalist staple like a cami can be coordinated with a button‑down and the usual sweats or shorts. And since we are not putting in much foot traffic during this time, let′s not forget socks—yes, the comfort of socks. If you are scheduled for a board meeting at the end of the week, throw on an eye-catching top or just a tee and ramp it up with a blazer on top. No one will even notice if you are not fully dressed in your Zoom conference.

So, when your boss dials in, you can look polished from the waist up while opting for something a bit cozier waist down to keep some semblance of normalcy at home.

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