Style Showdown: His or Hers?

  • By Loretta Lilly

The ROMPER. . .yes, a romper made for guys. A new brand launched on Kickstarter called RompHim. It is positioned to be the next best thing in menswear. Are you onboard? Is this look revolutionary or ridiculous? You decide.

The romper is a one-piece design that is comfortable and perfect for numerous occasions. Some people love it and others do not. Whether you like the ideal or not, we’re all talking about it. All of the publicity has caused the male romper to go viral and subsequently propelled the RompHim to instant fame. Male jumpsuits, short and long, have been available on the fashion market for years. During the 1800s, men wore them when they went swimming. James Bond wore a terry playsuit in his 1964 movie, Goldfinger.

Wearing a relaxed silhouette is big. Tailoring is getting softer in construction, trousers are getting wider, and looser fits are starting to become more popular. It’s still smart but just easier to wear and more comfortable. Each season men are getting a little braver with their outfit choices. Better yet, florals have fully shaken off their feminine connotations in menswear.

With the seasonal conditions becoming more and more unpredictable, transitional styles will become even more popular.

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