Most Wearable Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

  • By Loretta Lilly

Super stripes are bold, bright, and brilliantly textured. This spring’s stripes are a jolt of energy in a sea of classic Bretons. They came in all shades of the rainbow for this season, the favorites were those that featured graphic primary colors anchored down with some polished black. This season’s florals felt fresh in their unabashed femininity, blooming up and down long, tiered skirts, ruffled jumpsuits, and voluminous sleeves…perfect for a garden party.

One of the easiest colors to wear was also one of the most popular across the board this season, which should come as some relief to those who need a break from black and white but aren’t quite ready to heed designers’ calls for orange as a new neutral. The palest seafoam to the richest cerulean, shades of blues are a tune everyone can sing. Designers also dipped their toes back into fluorescent waters for spring, adorning neon both for day and for night.

The updated oxford has been turned on its head this season, with designers adding flounces, slashing shoulders, and super-sizing the silhouette, stripping it of any stale, corporate connotations in the process. It’s a look that pays homage to tradition, but shows you’re not too concerned with playing by the rules. Ruffles were big at New York Fashion Week. The styles we’re most eager to get a hold of, though, were those that balanced the femininity with a little sleekness or ease—think asymmetrical dresses, one-shoulder tops, and voluminous skirts styled as effortlessly as a pair of jeans.

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