Are Yoga Pants a Fashion Staple Around Town or Is It Too Relaxed?

  • By Loretta Lilly

Can you believe yoga pants are one of the most divisive pieces of clothing in a woman's wardrobe? If you wear them outside the gym, everyone and their mother has an opinion, even lawmakers. A couple of years ago, a Montana state legislator sponsored a now-failed bill against 'indecent' clothing, which set the Internet ablaze with his suggestion that "yoga pants should be illegal in public."

Blue jeans are increasingly going out of style, and even industry heavyweights like Levi's and Gap are taking notice.  Women are opting to buy more gear from Nike and Lululemon over denim classics. Why? Comfort is key. There is an entire generation growing up in yoga pants and activewear. However, Betabrand have dress yoga pants. Their selection of styles, includes straight-leg, boot-cut, leggings, cropped, and more. This business-class pinstripe is perfect for the office.

If you are going to wear yoga pants, here are the DOs and DON’Ts on how to wear them around town without getting the side-eye:

DO: Make sure you select a pair that is truly opaque. Test them out in broad daylight or under bright lights.

DON'T: Wear them to work. Ever. "Dress Pant Yoga Pants" is an oxymoron.

DO: Invest in the correct size. It sounds like a no-brainer, but often women will purchase a size down to get a tighter fit or a longer shelf life since yoga pants stretch out. In reality, all you end up with is 'camel toe.' Avoid at all costs.

DON'T: Show your panty lines. If thongs aren't your thing, purchase great full-coverage bikini bottoms that are undetectable from Commando or Zobha.

DO: Layer up! Throwing on a leather jacket or a dark trench over your yoga pants and T-shirt will instantly dress up your look when you're running from bikram to brunch.

DON'T: Keep wearing your favorite pair after the expiration date. Unlike jeans, yoga pants don't age well. Toss them when they're overly faded, stretched or ripped.

DO: Accessorize! Nothing pulls together athleisure wear like a statement handbag and a pair of sunglasses.

DON'T: Try to pull off your zaniest tie-dye yoga pants outside your ashtanga class. Stock up on neutral colors — navy, black, charcoal — that will go with anything.

DO: Consider your tight-fitting yoga pants a thicker alternative to leggings in the wintertime. On the weekends, pair with knee-high boots and an oversized sweater, or wear them underneath a dress. No one will know the difference.

This athleisure craze is here to stay. . .so wear it well.
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