• By Loretta Lilly

The pants style that is trending right now are the puddle pants. Puddle pants are basically a pair of pants or jeans that is loose and so long that it intentionally pools around the ankles. The so‑called cool girl is wearing a pair of pants that looks as though it desperately needs to be hemmed, but the caveat is dragging your hemline along the ground guarantees dirt, more dirt and probably a ruin hemline or the risk of tripping. Puddle pants have been around for years and obviously, the short girls have endured this look against their will for such a long time. So, there you have it for anyone who hates hemming their pants, fabric pooled around the ankles is now considered chic rather than sloppy.

I like rocking the look with a pair of very high heels to minimize the dragging. (A fashion tip: wearing heels with your puddle pants elongate your legs.) Here′s the thing—it has everything to do with the shoes that you pair with your puddle pants. Puddle jeans are perfectly worn with sneakers or flats. Your shoe choice can take you from forgetting or hating this hemline, to high fashion.

Join the ranks and emphasize the laissez-faire ″tailoring″ until your pants rip into tiny shreds at the bottom of your shoes. 

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