Outdoor Fashion Photography: Location, Location, Location

  • By Loretta Lilly

Chose a location where there is plenty of natural light, and try to find a place with lots of visual interest. This could mean a busy urban scene with a lot going on, or a field with an old, rustic fence. Just remember to choose a place that is well suited to your subject. Outdoor photography is an excellent way to capture unique and powerful images.

However, I thought with my very first digital SLR that everything was going to be so much easier now and I would not have to think anymore. I pulled the camera out, charge the batteries, gone for a walk around the house and down the street taking the same pictures that I have taken every time a new camera came into my life. With a sigh of relief, I shouted "This is great!" I thought to myself, "This is going to make my life so much easier!" I was wrong … in fact, I was dead wrong. Understanding how to use light and shadow to your advantage is critical. The second thing to consider when you shoot will be what lens to use and what your camera settings will be. While great shots can be accomplished without an expensive professional camera and lens, but having these tools help immeasurably because they allow you to carefully craft how you interpret your subject matter.

Another critical factor is the interpretation of your subject. Most people do not know how to pose themselves, and if you do not offer some guidance, you could end up with a collection of staged and awkward photos. Put your subjects at ease, and work to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Offer encouragement and learn to work with them. If a certain pose is not working, then do not force it. Be clear in your requests, and remember to keep it fun.

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