What’s Going On!?

  • By Loretta Lilly

Are you dressing for timeless or urban luxe? Or, do you simply dress according to your mood? Timeless wear is the investment cost-per-wear pieces that never lose their allure. A great wardrobe is built based on timeless foundation pieces, and then trendier clothes are added each season. Whereas urban luxe elevates 'casual' to high end to make it fashion-worthy. For example, street style that has been elevated and sold at an affordable rate. Speaking as an entrepreneur behind fashion and style, I choose the latter—dressing for how you feel. Yes, I believe you should express YOURself. . .be uniquely you.

Classic Neutral


Urban Luxe could mean a military jumpsuit in satin.

What is your style sense? Try turning your closet into a daily destination for fresh and fun outfit inspiration. How you may ask? Learn what colors work best for you. What garment style enhances your body type? These are just a few. Remember there are many fashion sites with treasures chock-full of styling advice. These sites help when you check in for regular updates on what will be the next-big-thing in street style trends or any style for that matter.

Create all the fashion-forward outfits that you love. Your reward is the fashion language that we use to connect with other women. How great is that!


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