Walk On The Wild Side

  • By Loretta Lilly

Animal prints are gracing the runways yet again particularly popular with luxury ready-to-wear labels. It has been on trend for quite a while now. This nature-inspired look has made its way into fashion as far back as the 18th century. During that time, it gave those who wore it a sense of power and an elevated status of wealth and luxury.

(leopard print in every possible shape photographed in Vogue Paris 1991)

Some popular styling methods for this season's animal prints are to simply layer them on top of each other or with other bold patterns, like floral and plaid. Another way to rock this trend is to wear the same print from head-to-toe to create a fierce authority, but you have to own it to pull it off because it can be a tricky terrain and quite overwhelming if it is not properly executed. Other brands have switched up the usual natural animal print colors with a pop of background color while simultaneously rocking the bold animal print.

There is no denying the appeal of animal print—it is daring and makes a statement all by itself. Let's think outside the leopard print box this season to a whole jungle of prints to choose from—whether as a scarf, belt, dress, a pair of shoes, handbag, sunglasses or outerwear piece.

After all, it's a jungle out there, why not walk on the wild side.

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