The Velvet Touch

  • By Loretta Lilly

Fall fashion is almost upon us. When the chill sets in, you will be thrilled velvet is having its moment. Designers showcased the luxe fabric during New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 runway—making it the favored texture of the season. Booties, bags, dresses, and more were covered in the plush fabric.

Once considered a textile that is almost always exclusively worn during cooler months, velvet is quickly becoming a year-round fashion statement. And who can resist the allure of velvet? This fabric is nostalgia for its luxury feel and on the other end of the spectrum, it is connected to glam rock and nighttime seduction. Basically, velvet can assume many personalities—from a sexy cut-out Balmain one‑piece to a daytime velvet damask-print blazer.

There is no question that velvet is the material du jour. This fabric has evolved beyond boring skirts and leggings. Designers are fashioning a sleek and modern take with luxe jewel tones. Whether you choose to wrap yourself in a golden slip dress or hit the party circuit in a muted orange color to flatter your skin tone—get a head start on this season with this fall fashion primer.

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