• By Loretta Lilly

We are seeing a growing awareness among consumers, especially our millennials, in buying upcycled fashion (also known as DIY fashion). The upcycled fashion concept involves using pre‑existing clothing, accessories or other items and restructuring them into new garments. These denim jackets above are gorgeous. The jacket on the left, of course, is the high-end costing $170.  A few floral appliques, hand sewn beads, studs, and fabric painting created the jacket on the right for $40. DIY projects are really the best form of self-expression one can have. Don't think for one minute that upcycled fashion compromises style. DIY has influenced people to look at the artistic expression of fashion, rather than the monetary value of it.

Other examples that are trending include recycled jeans and old sneakers.

Fashion can cause harm to our environment, so I am not sure millennials have made smart choices in purchasing upcycled clothing with this factor in mind. Because study shows that they purchase clothes from fast-fashion brands that are worn a few times and start to fall apart, which ends up in our landfills. So, given the state of the planet, many of us are trying to buy less and less new stuff.

There are seven forms of sustainable fashion listed that may very well affect our economy while improving our environment.

  • Secondhand | Vintage
  • Rent | Loan | Swap
  • Repair | Redesign | Upcycle
  • On Demand | Custom Made
  • High Quality | Timeless Design
  • Green & Clean
  • Fair & Ethical

. . .What is the trade‑off?

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