Sheer Madness—Are You Game?

  • By Loretta Lilly

Pulling off the sheer trend becomes less daunting when you're wearing a full coverage piece over or under the transparent piece in question. I like to take the time to salute my comrades who exhibit the boldness and the fearlessness required to banish body shaming and literally let it all—okay, most of it—hang out. Is this trend too racy? Given the climate that we are in, the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault have heighten the need to shield one's body. Or, are we fighting to do whatever we want to—self-expression, clothing and all.

No matter how courageous you may be, unless you're insanely nervy, you will at the last minute think better of this sheer madness and emerge from your closet with something just the slightest bit more substantial under your gossamer garment. It could be as thoughtful as wearing a Lise Charmel full lace bra peeking out from a ruffled sheer blouse or a sensual silk slip dress with a sheer overlay. Perhaps a transparent shirt paired with a cute bralette or tube top. For maximum awesomeness, try pairing a sheer full length coat on a bodysuit.

See-through looks have been extremely popular for decades. Learn to wear this style well so you don't feel self-conscious and outside of your comfort zone. The key is to always use the sheer pieces to layer under or over the less revealing clothes. The styling variations can be limitless.

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