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I am loving the zero waste, recycled, and organic fashion. These sustainable brands will help push society forward as we await the infrastructure for sustainable fabrics. Every day brands like H&M new Conscious Collection Spring 2019 is made from sustainably sourced materials such as recycled polyester blend. I adore the decorative prints and the sensual styles.

Some other contemporary brands, like Everlane and Reformation, have put sustainability at the core of what they do to minimize waste and to become more environmentally friendly. Even the luxe brand, like Eileen Fisher is all about 'no waste' and strives to work with only sustainable fibers like organic cotton.

Eileen says, "We've always believed in simple clothes that work effortlessly for the women who wear them. Clothes that go where you go and move how you move. Clothes that let you be yourself". In her Renew Program, worn clothes in perfect condition are cleaned and resold. And lastly, the damaged pieces are transformed into one-of-a-kind artwork, pillows and wall hangings. This is brilliant! Stella McCartney, another luxe brand, believes that the future of fashion is circular—it will be restored and regenerated by design so it will never end up as waste. She has created a vegetarian brand and has proved everyone wrong with her inspiring and innovative lines for both the catwalk and wardrobe, season after season.

In the near future, I believe designs will become more simple shape fashion in sustainable materials that are timeless and never trendy. The plus side to all of this is looking fresh every week without breaking the bank, or buying something sustainably produced that you know will last a lifetime.

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