Monochrome For Fall/Winter

  • By Loretta Lilly

Go for a monochrome look, perfect for the cold weather. It is not only an iconic fashion statement, but it is also seen as a power outfit. Kim Kardashian is known as the QUEEN of monochrome streetstyle outfits. She nails it every time.

Simply rework the pieces you already own by throwing together a variation of colors from the same family combined with other hues. Keep on experimenting. The key to making the monochrome work is to stick to the same undertone. . .either the cool or warm end of the spectrum. These monochromatic outfit combinations can be limitless.

Let′s share a few different monochrome outfit ideas to gather inspiration from, along with tips on how to layer different tones and textures to make it work every single time. Even if you are having trouble finding pieces that are an exact color match, try mixing light and dark shades for a tonal look. For instance, pair a matching blue suit with a shirt in the same color family. A slightly lighter tone like a sky blue complements the rest of the look. One of the most seamless, chic choice is opting for sleek, tailored pieces that take on a whole new vibe when layered with pieces that are all the same colors. And lastly, add interest to any look by playing with lux textures through pieces like corduroy pants, a cashmere knit top, and a furry bag.

So, the next time you are scouring your closet and feeling at loss, consider what′s on your hangers by thinking in terms of color.

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