• By Loretta Lilly

What’s new? What is cool and fresh in fashion. Let’s take to the streets, since social media influencers and streetwear culture are leading the way. Here are a few trends that are taking the fashion world by storm in 2022.

Chunky Soles:  Every designer and retailer are taking cues from a massive surge of tractor boots and the modern interpretation of platform shoes. In the last two years or so, these looks have been owned by both the runways and street style.

Wide Leg Pants:  I’ve always ventured on the path of comfort. For god sake, can we give those uncomfortable tight jeans a ‘rest’. So, I am welcoming the vengeance of the wide leg pants. They can be worn loose, slouchy, extra-long, or even baggy and they are popping up everywhere on the streets. Just make sure your top half balances your look or you risk coming across as unkept.

Floral Prints:  The emergence of flowers is synonymous with Spring. It represents the feminine side of nature—renewal and beauty. So, what better way to show equality and empowerment in the concept of a feminine symbol such as floral prints in clothing. Rose prints, splashy retro prints, and bohemian bold prints have dominated this season, even pattern-mixed outfits for the especially adventurous and fashion-forward.

Monochrome Matrix:  This fashion concept is a no-brainer, whether textural and layered or classic color-blocking. Even pastel is a monochromatic style trick.

Juicy Couture:  Bedazzled a mini with a white tee, a teeny-tiny bag, logos on tees, or wide-leg denims. How can we forget the metallic jackets? Yes, the Y2K fashion is alive and well, especially the metallic mesh.

Mesh Tops:  Last, but not least, these super edgy tops are layered over a bralette to look chic. This ‘second-skin’ trend works perfectly on a sweltering hot day. Whether you decide to dress it up or down with your wardrobe faves creatively, it is nothing short of stellar.


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