• By Loretta Lilly

A cultural shift is occurring. The fashion industry has loosened its grip. Blame it on the past two years or just maybe the undeniable rebellion against trends among those who are in favor of personal style. We were all led by designers, fashion magazines, and celebrities as gatekeepers, but now social media and influencers are leading the way—meaning trends are peaking more quickly than ever. What soars to popularity today, may fizzle out in a few months.

′Everyday′ people are changing the landscape of fashion. They are getting their style cues from popular platforms, TikTok and Instagram. It′s all about self-expression. A trend was referred to as something currently popular for a period of time, but it has evolved into an item soaring in popularity on social media for any duration. A jacket or a style of pants can be worn with items you already love—macro-trend. That way, you will always feel a satisfying deep desire to channel these pieces to work uniquely for you.

Can trends and personal styles co-exist? This tug-of-war remains to be seen.

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