Hello 2021

  • By Loretta Lilly

Last year was a literal rollercoaster. With everything going on like the pandemic, the election, natural disasters, Black Lives Matter, and the chaos at the Capitol, I had to separate what was going on in the world at large with what was happening on a personal level. So, I developed a filter and grounded myself in what I know to be the true…LOVE. It casts out fear, hopelessness, and hate. Being decidedly present and hyper-aware of how much worse things could be was also critical to my survival on starting this new year. Sure, the pandemic caused half the business to come to a grinding halt, but at least me and my loved ones have our lives and health. This too shall pass!

Just like most of you, I built a new morning routine to bring in a sense of stability:  journaling, eating clean, drinking more water, moving my body with exercise, reciting what I was grateful for, watching Netflix for distraction, and listening to music because it is a healer. These passing experiences taught me how not to be hard on myself and to offer myself grace was the key to developing my tenacity and resilience.

The best thing we can do with a year like 2020 is to learn from it, document how we got through it so that the next challenge we are faced with does not feel as insurmountable. My biggest take-a-away on last year taught me gratitude and patience.

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