• By Loretta Lilly

Corduroy is trending this season. Those of you that do not know—the fabric at first glance looks like a selection of cords laid parallel next to each other. The raised areas are called piles, which create the overall aesthetic of the material. The touch of the cut pile feels velvety and was once referred to as the 'poor man's velvet' as it had durable, chunky properties and was easily made with cotton or similar fiber. Corduroy pants worn with platform shoes back in the 1970s were iconic in its references to the freedom felt in those years when hippies influenced a certain style.  But the ready-to-wear, or what the French call prêt-à-porter, took possession of it and turning it bourgeois and chic still keeping the look of someone who doesn't want to look bourgeois. The fabric will always have its traditional connotations, because fashion repeats itself. It is constantly cycling and recycling and it happens in precise moments, usually every fifteen years.

Since we have figured out what corduroy is and that it's a top trend this season, how is it actually worn without looking like you have stepped out of the 70s boho era? If styled with earth tones like umber, brick red, terracotta, yellow ochre, warm grey, burnt sienna or moss—whether that's with sharp cuts, or an oversized fit, it can be as contemporary as you like. But the small rib corduroy looks more modern and if you are trying to achieve the bohemian and free-spirited looks, opt for the wide cords. Any particular style can be exposed differently, resulting in a very editorial, fresh, and fun way. I am excited to see the return of corduroy. See some of my picks.




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