Celebrating International Women's Day

  • By Loretta Lilly

International Women′s Day celebrated on March 8 is an annual global awareness event that places a spotlight on women′s rights and gender equality. Fashion retailers, ready‑to‑wear, and accessory brands are rallying around to give back to organizations that support these rights. We all know the world couldn′t run without women, so this day is to appreciate their efforts and to show women just how valuable they are in today′s society.

Let′s look at a portrait of female empowerment that reflects a truly far-reaching diversity of styles in our fashion industry. . .the fashion influencer. At a time when self-isolation has come to define our everyday lives, it felt especially necessary to look for inspiration beyond our own borders. Now more than ever, women are placing increased value on wearability, practicality, comfort, creativity, and ethics in their fashion. And who best to respond to the changing tides than women themselves?

Female America designers are celebrating with limited-edition pieces, photo series, and global campaigns dedicated to supporting and empowering women to commemorates the struggle for women′s rights.

Choice is a powerful thing. We must all choose to continue challenging gender bias and inequality. We must all participate in creating the ′new normal′ we want to see for ourselves and our daughters.

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