• By Loretta Lilly

July has come and gone, and everything′s heating up—from the poolside, on rooftops, and even a night out on the town plaza listening to smooth jazz, so stay ready for your hot girl summer. We′re doing it with a revitalized outlook on getting dressed. After a year of slouchy, cozy clothes, it is not hard to see the appeal of cutouts in almost every silhouette—from jumpsuits, crop tops, and of course dresses. Consider a sultry sexy summer dress with a waist cutout or a low back. Just keep it simple and ACCESSORIZE, whether that means a silk midi dress with your favorite summer sandals, chic maxi hoop earrings, and a Panama style sun hat with a waist-length braided ponytail or just show some legs. You know the ole saying: the weather heats up, hemlines rise.

. . . be cool!

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