• By Loretta Lilly

Spring is being very temperamental this season. The chilly days are still lingering. Dramatic swings in the weather seem to be a 'norm'. Despite the suddenly balmy temperatures one weekend and then low temperatures the next, can we officially say goodbye to colder temperatures. It's not quite time for shorts and miniskirts to go solo.

You can make any piece work in spring. Just like in winter, it's all about layering clothes. The rules are a bit different for spring. You want to look for pieces that add a touch of warmth without contributing much bulk. Take your outfit to a whole new level with unconventional layers. Layering is an art form. The key to layering is all about proportion and form. For instance, hemlines that hit at or above the knee look good with longer, leaner lines underneath. Accessories can play a major role, too. Belts allow you to pile on the layers without losing your shape.

Style-savvy women have figured out how to completely transform classic layering. They pile on jackets, turtlenecks and scarves to create warmth in the chicest way possible, which make it complex, interesting and ideal for those in-between days when it's impossible to predict what the temperature's going to do next. You can also try combos you never thought were possible like long-sleeve shirts paired with strapless dresses or skirts worn over a flared pair of jeans. Flashes of skin are even encouraged, but you need to be strategic about what and when you reveal with the aid of a jacket or a cozy wrap.

Feel free to loop in everything under the sun. Just step back and take a full view in a floor mirror—you may just decide to throw on another interesting piece. The more you experiment with your wardrobe, the more looks you create.

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