A New Year, A New Life

  • By Loretta Lilly

What are you indulging in 2023? How will you take on the new? The beginning of the year always bring with it the promise of a fresh start. These lofty goals are fill with ambitions, but a lot of times are not kept.

Why not take a step back and have some self-reflection over the past year to enable you to move forward. Asks questions like, who am I? What were my strengths and weaknesses in the past year? What will I focus on in this year? Try visualizing the ultimate outcome and what it really means to you to get there. Each win, each step in the right direction is a cause to celebrate. It is about progress, not perfection – breathe – now, give yourself some grace. Allow your creative powers to be liberated in every expression.

. . .forward march!

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