A Must-Have Accessory Trend: The Ear Cuff

  • By Loretta Lilly

The ear cuffs and ear crawlers are getting a lot of love for this fashion season. These metallic statement accessories are an on-trend alternative to standard earrings and of-the-moment styles in unexpected silhouettes. Ear cuffs are available in two different types. You can find piercing and non‑piercing ear cuffs to help you easily find what suits you and makes you more gorgeous. From sleek silhouettes to glamorous diamond-encrusted designs, which do you prefer the simple or the extravagant?

Aside from the impressive variety of designs, styles and sizes available on the market, what has sparked such an interest in these trendy and fun ear jewelry is their practicality. For instance, some of the bold earrings can weigh down pierced ears in oppose to these pieces of jewelry that put little pressure on the ear because they rest comfortably on the outer edge of the ear, adding more to their appeal—pretty doesn't have to hurt.

These hot accessories are the perfect details for both elegant and edgy outfits!
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