Indie Designer Boutiques

  • By Loretta Lilly

Houston Ultimate Women’s Expo was hosted at the NRG Center, featuring over 400 local, regional and national exhibitors. The women’s expo promised to indulge you with the very best in shopping, fashion, food, entertainment, cosmetics, career development, travel, financial planning and so much more. A fun time with your gal pal being pampered for a day with complimentary spa treatments, massages and retail therapy, exploring new interests, purchasing a great find, and connecting with inspiring keynote speakers (Leeza Gibbons, Phaedra Parks, and Lisa Vanderpump) to re-ignite your inner you.

But what caught my interest was the number of indie designers in Houston. These emerging designers were in record numbers showcasing their limited-edition pieces. The fashion industry as a whole is in an undeniable state of transition. The fatigued luxury designers are trying to keep up with a speedy cycle that barely leaves room for creativity, while the major fashion houses are playing musical chairs with creative directors.  So, maybe this is not a state of flux at all, but more like a chance for the old favorites to figure themselves out, letting these new, lesser-known designers truly shine and make themselves known.

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